How to Get Rid of The “Para Belly”

Posted by Garrison Redd in Life After Paralysis on October 28, 2020 # Health

By guest blogger Garrison Redd

For those of you who do not know my name is Garrison Redd and I am t-12 incomplete paraplegic. I have been injured for 15 years and one of the questions I get from individuals with various spinal cord injuries and individuals that are dependent on a wheelchair is how I am able to keep my stomach flat.

So, here are some tips that can help.

  • Posture While you are sitting you want to stay as upright as possible. So often we slouch from being in a seated position for most of our day. Whenever you go through your weight shifting routine, try to return to an upright sitting position. Sometimes you may need to adjust your backrest depending on the type of wheelchair you are using.
  • Bowel Routine Constipation and Bloating can often give an illusion that your stomach is a lot bigger than it really is. Try to find a bowel routine that is comfortable and convenient for you. I try to go at least once a day depending on the foods, I consume however switching to an every other day routine I have found works well also.
  • Diet Staying away from sugary foods plays an important role as well. I would speak with a physician before following any particular diets that’s out there. In my case I have found that staying away from added sugars works well for me. In regards to bread try whole grains be mindful that more grains is more fiber and can have an effect on your bowels.
  • Exercise Depending on your level of injury your core muscles may fire differently. I was told I would have difficulties developing a six-pack after my injury. That has turned out to be false. There are ways we can force our core muscles to fire. You can do sitting exercise to build your core strength which will in return help build your ab muscles.
  • Sleep One of the things we all lack is enough sleep. Studies show that adequate Proper sleep can help you avoid excess weight gain and, over time, lose weight

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