How to Watch the 2016 Paralympics In Rio de Janeiro

Posted by Candace Cable in Life After Paralysis on September 12, 2016 # Adaptive Sports

I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! WooHoo!!! This will be the 13th Paralympic Games I’ve attended. I’ve been an athlete for 9 Games, I’ve worked as an Athlete Service Coordinator in the Vancouver Village, once and 2 times I’ve gone as Press to cover the Games for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Wow, I have experienced the Paralympic games from all angles.

So both the Olympics and Paralympics require some form of accreditation to move around the venues and basically get into the places you want to het in to. These accreditations hang around your neck and most people adorn the lanyard, that ribbon looking thing that hold the accreditation with pins. Pin trading is the never-ending side event when at the Games.

Think of these accreditations as a ticket to ride. You’re either an athlete, part of a national delegation, part of any other delegation, organizing committee, security, a volunteer, working for or at the Games (that would be press) or a spectator with a ticket, no matter what, any way you want to go to the Games, you have to have the “accreditation” of some form. For the majority of accreditations, there are limits as to where you can go and what you can do. But there are some rare accreditations that can go everywhere.

This trip to the Games I’m part of the LA2024 delegation. Who is that you say? Well, this group wants to bring the Games to Los Angeles California in 2024. I’m Vice Chair of the Board of the LA2024 committee and we’re here to learn how a Games is organized, from taking the trash out to getting the athletes and spectators to venues, how the Village people want to live to how events like Opening Ceremonies inspire us all. And we are here to meet people, talk about how we have the best Games bid for the best experience for everyone.

So, I pretty much need to be able to go everywhere and I have that golden ticket accreditation I’ve only seen from afar in the previous 12 Games I’ve attended. Yes, I have the “E” ticket (Disneyland lingo) go anywhere, do anything accreditation. And I want to share this experience with you. So get ready to ride!

So first off, you really have to gear up and watch the Games on NBC. Here is the link with the scheduled times they will be broadcasting, so print this and tape it somewhere you will see it everyday. This Paralympic Games will have the biggest number of broadcast hours that NBC will has ever taken on, 70-ish hours from September 7th to September 19th.

So get on board and buckle-up because this is how we ride! Here’s the cutie mascot, Tom giving me a Paralympic hug at the airport!

Get the schedule for the Paralympic Games

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