Mickey’s Halloween Party

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Every October Mickey Mouse has a Halloween party on his home turf Disneyland. A couple of days out of each week are dedicated to his Halloween party and everyone attending the party is encouraged to dress up in their finest costumes and get ready to be scared and of course get lots of candy as they run around the park from 4 PM to midnight. I do my best every year to attend his Halloween party because it's just so dang much fun.

This is my fourth year attending Mickey's Halloween party with my sister and her husband. We try to get as many people as possible to be a part of our gang and help us come up with the most spectacular Group costumes. As everyone knows the fun of Halloween is dressing up in a unique costume and hoping people can guess who you are, well there's the candy too. We try our best to create a theme that runs through our costumes, you know like everyone is a character from Star Wars kind of theme. This year the six of us were the characters in the movie/game CLUE. We really did look good, people told us we did, we even had our picture taken a few times. To be honest that's one of our goals is to be so creative and so recognizable that we're memorable.

I've always loved Halloween and I've always loved Disneyland, a true happy place for me! As a kid Halloween was a big deal in our house, it could almost be called a sacred night full of rituals, I guess it's in our blood. Mom was the Halloween ritual leader, planning, plotting and staging this blessed event. She would guide us as we agonized over what we wanted to be for Halloween. I say, “be” because we were truly transformed by her non-stop sewing of our perfect disguises.

As the holy day of Halloween dawned, we couldn't hide our excitement as we made our way to school, in costume. While we were gone all day the preparation of the yard would begin. Yes, not only were we costumed, our front yard was transformed into the spooky entrance to a terrible witch's lair. Skelton's, spider webs, spiders, monsters, black cats, you name it we had it all lining the walkway toward the witch, our Mom and "the prize candy." It really was a wonderful childhood event of pretending to be someone or something other than me and all the scary memories of trying to guess who, who was and marching up to our neighbors homes, shouting trick or treat!

So just as Halloween has been a part of my life since childhood so has Disneyland. I grew-up in Southern California and Disneyland was in my backyard, so to speak, giving us many opportunities to enjoy the park. I even had several birthdays and my high school graduation all night party at Disneyland. I remember looking at the Disneyland ticket books, yes that's where the term, “E” ticket ride came from, and dreaming about the next visit to the park. So to combine Halloween and Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, into one night is a dream come true, or a real nightmare!

The fun starts at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and goes till midnight. Everyone in attendance has the option to wear a Halloween costume while exploring the park enjoying the rides and trick-or-treating in the ultimate neighborhood, Disneyland! Booths filled with Candy are passed out by Disneyland employees and located all over the park. All night long there's on-going entertainment like the Paint the Night all-new electrical Parade that's full of beloved Disney characters bathed in neon light marching down Main Street U.S.A.

And of course the night sky lights gets lit up by Disneyland's signature nightly fireworks display high above the attraction It's a Small World. The hosted of the of the parade and fireworks is Jack Skellington's voice and image as well as ghosts and goblins dancing all across Fantasyland.

There's live music through out the different “lands” and one special group is the Dapper Dan's. They sing once at 5pm on Main Street that includes an emotional and moving flag lowering ceremony with recognition of our military men and women and then later that evening they are transformed into the Cadaver Dan's and floating by the riverboat in New Orleans Square surrounded with ghostly mist rising from the Mississippi river.

Were they really alive or dead or a figment of my imagination? I couldn't tell!

This year I still had a large brace a long leg brace on and wasn't able to transfer in and out of rides on my own or with the help of someone that would pick me up, as I usually do. It really was too scary dangerous and unsteady to be attempting those maneuvers, so I chose to stay in my wheelchair and check-out all the rides I could just roll right onto.

There are six that have a role-on option and they were spaced out all over Disneyland so we got to hit all the trick or treat stops along the way. Yeah candy! Adventureland had the Jungle Cruise, Critter Country had the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Fantasyland had It's a Small World. Tomorrowland has two attractions Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters, (a total blast) we rode that twice in a row and the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Finding Nemo really isn't a roll-on attraction, it's a separate room that someone using a wheelchair can go into and watch a movie of the experience people are having in the submarine. I think it was kind of lame. And then the highlight was a roll-on to King Arthur's Carousel.

Around and around we go.

The Disney map has the static wheelchair symbol, that's used to signify accessible parking or access to designate these are roll-on attractions. The other attractions throughout the theme park have a symbol of a person rising up out of the wheelchair to signify that someone with a disability would transfer onto the ride with some assistance be it a person or a device that the park offers. The device is a couple steps that a person sits on a-step-at-a-time to get down into the ride.

All in all I had a great time and a new adventure on this trip to Disneyland, a place I've been maybe a 100 times and it was just as much as fun as I have ever had. I think it's truly the people in my life, my family and friends that really make the Magic Kingdom the happiest place on Earth!

Blessing and Love to All, in joy, Candace

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