My Staycation

Posted by Candace Cable in Life After Paralysis on June 16, 2015 # Health

Remember when the economy took a tumble; people were cutting back on shopping, luxuries and vacations, the extra stuff it was the Great Recession of 2007-2010? Do you remember how families and single folks came up with the idea of a stay-at-home-vacation, a Staycation, creating leisure activities at home or close to home and slept in their own beds at night as a vacation?

Well I took a tumble, kind of like the economy did, this definatly cut into my pocketbook and I’m officially on a Staycation. This will be my summer of retreat, so to speak, you know get back in touch with me and reflect. Gosh to whom am I trying to kid? Maybe me, because I like the direction my life is going or was going until I tumbled.

So, there I was at one my favorite places in the world, my youngest sisters house, riding an emotional high, one day away from embarking a three-week trip that would take me to places unknown and known to me to have experiences new and well-known and well loved and to spend time with people, I do love people. I was at my sisters in Los Angeles because two reasons, we had not been together for many months and this would the ideal opportunity because it just so happened that my flights made more sense to depart from LA. I also got to hang out with some of my other favorite people, Risna Utami and David Richard from Global Mobility.

Man this trip was going to great, first to Tampa to attend and be a part of a team presenting at the Community Transportation EXPO and conference. I would be presenting with people I had never met in person, only over the course of several phone calls and I felt confident that I could full fill my obligation with this group.

We would be presenting the latest ATTRI research information that’s purpose is to identify the mobility needs of travelers with disabilities and. Open Doors, the travel and tourism trainers I work for, is a partner in this initiative to develop new transformative applications to increase traveling navigation and for people with disabilities.

After Tampa I was headed to Dallas for the 20th anniversary of Turning POINT's 25th Annual Extravaganza. I was going to be with forever friends, some I’ve known for thirty-five years and new to me people and everyone in-between. The extravaganza is an event that was first of it’s kind and is now replicated all over the country. This day is filled with over twenty activities that people with disabilities can try out and possibly win prize at all while making new friends and chowing down on Texas Barbeque. It was a welcome respite of hanging out in shorts and tees and working gleefully in service.

And my final leg (leg you'll get it soon) of this journey was on to New York City to attend the UN Convention of the States Parties, CRPD to proudly represent the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, CDRF. I was on my way to hear how of all the ways that the countries of the world that have signed on to and ratified the CRPD are now creating the universal design and inclusion necessary for the one billion people worldwide that have disclosed they have disabilities to be contribution members of the global community and share this information.

My sister and her husband and I had gone out late in the day to shop for dinner and a few items that I had forgotten to pack. I was transferring out of the back seat of the car, all seemed well with the world. But then I fell and broke my leg and it all changed in an instant.

The saga continues in my next blog, just what, exactly did I do and how it's going, now.

Bon Voyage!!!

Blessings to All, In Joy Candace

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