Nourishing My Ghost Bones

Posted by Candace Cable in Life After Paralysis on July 14, 2015 # Health

The next blog that I had hoped to write on my bone fracture repair adventure was to be about my emotions and how I am dealing with this Staycation I am on. But I’m not ready to spill my guts, yet. Oh, I’ve been talking to be sure and getting advice, guidance and support with close friends and Dr. Dan about this roller coaster emotional ride I’m on, but for now I’m having difficulty putting those feelings into words, so I thought I would take an easier path and share my bone-building sustenance program which is a picnic for me to serve up.

The backstory on my bone density in my leg bones or lack there of is, I’ve been using a wheelchair as my only form of mobility for forty years since my spinal cord injury in 1975. So I know my leg bones are osteoporotic not just because I haven’t been standing on them, but from the bone density tests I have gotten over the years. My spine and upper-body bones seem to be holding up well, but my legs bones are a mire specter of their former selves. Ghost bones. This all means I have to make a conscious effort to keep what little bone mass I have with consuming food, supplements, improved digestion and exercise so when I do fracture a bone, of which I have done over the years, I’ve got to step-up my course of action to heal the fractures.

May 30th I fractured my Tibia plateau fracture and discovered a few days later my Fibula head of my left leg, which has necessitated in the immobilization casting and elevation of my left leg, ouch!!! How I did this is in my previous blogs, so I won’t go into it here. This blog is about eating for the purpose of building bone. I have been a vegetarian for several years now, which is usually high in calcium, potassium and other minerals so I thought this way of eating gave me a leg up on holding the minerals I need to keep my bones sturdy. And it did, sort of. But now that I have these fractures, I need more protein for increased energy and repairs. The factory is operating at maximum capacity and the beast needs to be fed.

What I have found over the years when taking vitamin and mineral supplements is to make sure I need them, so I get yearly a blood test, a complete blood count or CBC test, to know where my levels are and how I can improve with them food and supplements for maximum health benefits. There is a problem when we get too much of a good thing, vitamins or minerals, so if you are planning on adding supplements, get tested. For example too much Magnesium will give a body the runs, but just enough will keep my nervous and skeletal systems humming alone very nicely. I do my best to get my nutrient needs from the food I eat, but there are times when I have to supplement, for example, I take a vitamin D3 supplement because my blood tests showed that I was extremely deficient. Vitamin D3 also helps with calcium absorption.

I have come to know my body over the years, and discovered that when I take a calcium supplement of a 1000 mg daily, broken up to 500 mg twice a day, which is recommended, my urine gets cloudy and I’m just pissing much of it away. But if I lower the dose to 250 mg and eat any of these, yogurt, dates, celery, sea vegetable soup or salmon at the same time, I absorb my entire supplement. All calcium supplements should be a combination of two parts calcium and one part magnesium as well as several other minerals. I like the supplement bone-up by Jarrow, it covers all the minerals needed.

There are so many nutrients needed to support our skeletal system, that it makes sense to eat as much food with Calcium, Vitamin K, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium and Vitamin D3 in them as possible to increase their absorption. Because of these fractures require more of everything above; I have started to make a juice that I drink eight ounces daily. The juice consists of celery, carrot, dandelion greens, parsley and one apple. Celery is the wonder food when it comes to getting minerals, but keep in mind that eating organic celery is the only way to go, otherwise there are way too many toxic chemicals in commercially grown celery.

My youngest sister suggested that I start making bone broth and drinking it daily. Well, this broth is made with chicken and I wasn’t eating chicken, but now I am eating chicken as well as salmon for the extra protein that is required by my bones, now. The bone broth (here’s the 411 and recipes) is made by slow cooking the chicken bones, sans the meat, in a crockpot, for twelve hours or more. The broth is ready when the bones are so soft that they can be easily squished between my fingers. I strain the other ingredients so I only have broth, then I pour the broth into ice cube trays to freeze. Each evening I pop two cubes into a mug, pour hot water over the cubes and my evening bone broth is ready.

The very last sip I save for the nastiest component to this bone-building regime, the ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops. My face contorts to a sour puss at the thought of these drops and once drunk I quickly chase them with some strong pleasant tasting food. This is much like the biting into a lemon after the tequila shot. But it gets the job done, if ya know what I mean.

I have a few more additions to my bone mending program in the form of Homeopathic medicines. I wrote a blog all about how these remedies work and don’t interact with other types of medicines, for examples pharmaceuticals. Symphytum Officinale (nick name Bone Mender) and Silica from Boiron in the 30c dose, I take five pellets under my tongue twice a day.

So that the Osteoblasts can build my bones and the Osteoclasts can reabsorb the bone that has been pushed aside there are foods to avoid so the worker Blasts/Clasts can do their jobs, right? Alcohol decreases the intestines ability to absorb calcium and Vitamin D3 and caffeine increases the urine excretion of minerals, so I now don’t drink my morning tea even close to my supplement time any more. Salt, sugar and smoking all increase the sad excretion of calcium and other minerals from my body. Boo.

The good news is, my doctor and I are seeing bone developing in all the right areas on my five-week post fracture, x-rays. This all tells me the extra time of preparation and attention to timing is working toward my goal of healed fractures and you can bet I won’t let up now. I have a PDF of foods that have all the minerals and vitamins I shared in this blog. I’ll ask my pal Julie to make it available for everyone that wants it, so let me know. Well, I’m off to make my juice and build my bones!!!

Blessings to All, In Joy, Candace

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