The art of manifestation in 2017

Posted by Elizabeth Forst in Life After Paralysis on January 20, 2017 # Health

The ball has dropped in Times Square, beginning a new year with resolutions for a new start. Common resolutions may include better lifestyle habits including exercise and diet or saving pennies for a trip abroad that has always been a dream of yours. 2017 also means there will be many new faces in our government with a new president and administration. While many are holding their breath as to the unfolding of the next year politically, others are comfortably approving of many changes ahead. With much of the country divided and the inauguration upon us, it is important to look within and identify personal wishes and dreams for a new year – aside from politics – that involve health, happiness, love, family, laughter, exploration, unity, peace and tranquility… the list goes on but the focus is on the positive. For the positive will allow love to overcome fear and hate.

At the early days of my recovery and rehabilitation, I was first introduced to Rhonda Bryne’s 2006 best-selling book The Secret in which she unveiled the idea of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is simple – it means that positive energy attracts positive energy and contrarily negative attracts negative. The most important takeaway idea from this book, in my opinion, is positive thinking incurs happiness, love, light, wealth, recovery, joy and a whole slew of good positive entities in our lives. In basic terms, staying positive and fostering a positive way of thinking is the law of attraction working to augment recovery, health, and progress whether it be physical, emotional or psychological. It is a simple idea yet an extremely powerful one.

When practicing yoga and especially meditation, it is important to use the exercise of internal manifestation in attaining your positive intentions for the future. Similar to the idea of the law of attraction, manifesting positive thoughts and realizations is the gateway to attaining such entities in your personal life. I am a huge proponent of using this in my daily routine when I want something or feel like something is in reach that will benefit me in a positive way. I will quietly say to myself "I manifest…" following with my wishes. It is similar to blowing an eyelash off a fingertip making a wish or lifting legs up over railroad tracks wishing something for the future. Haven't you ever thrown a penny into a fountain? Same thing with a yoga twist… Maybe it is winning the lottery, or finding love, or asking the universe for peace during tumultuous times and even better getting that gift you always wanted from your loved one. Manifestation is the keystone and there is an art to it.

How does one go about manifesting a wish into a reality? It is paramount to first understand and believe that anything is possible. Energy will flow where attention goes. Know deep down that your wishes and dreams can become a reality. During the deepest moments of your meditation, visualize the dream in action, meaning play out in your mind your wish becoming an active reality. Believing in the actualization of your intention is the first phase of manifestation.

The second phase of manifestation is to verbally state out loud your intention as if it were already the truth. Positive affirmations are crucial to attaining your reality. For example, if one's interests are finding love in the new year, your positive affirmation would state something like "I will find love in 2017" or "I am deserving of love in my life in 2017". By repeatedly stating these positive affirmations, you are fulfilling the idea that energy will flow where attention goes and ultimately love will follow.

A beautiful way of finalizing a manifestation is the final and third stage, which is writing down and/or dictating one's intentions. Imagine that a manifestation is three parts of a triangle, one part being the mental affirmation, followed by the verbal affirmation ending with a physical writing down or dictation of the intention – this solidifies the manifestation into a reality. The triangle is complete.

Believe that anything is possible, and you can manifest your dreams into realities. Positive attracts positive. Avoid the negative for it will only attract more negative. 2017 will be a great year full of positive changes in our communities, our families and within our relationships. Stay happy, smile and find the positive for it will only return to you tenfold.

Keep on keeping on, EB

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