Play moves everybody.

There are toys that teach us things. There are toys that make us laugh, make us smile. There are toys that we can enjoy as a family. But what happens when these toys are not created for everyone, when “play” isn’t for everyone?

Introducing Adaptoys.

Adaptoys are accessible toys that allow individuals living with paralysis to enjoy playtime with their families. Combining innovative technology with traditional toys, parents, grandparents and other family members who once felt sidelined by paralysis are now able to fully participate and create memories with loved ones focused on the act of playing.

Adaptoy R/C Race Car: Remote control car is powered by a headset equipped with a straw, into which users can exhale to cause the car to accelerate, or inhale to reverse. Motion sensors on the headset steer the car left or right based on the user’s head movement.

Adaptoy Pitcher: Voice-controlled pitching machine throws a ball on the user’s command, tossing pop-ups and even groundballs. With just a simple voice command, the Pitcher releases the ball.

Seeing is believing, take a look at Adaptoys in action: HERE

Our Mission:

With only a few modifications to existing toys, we can enhance the quality of life for millions of individuals living with paralysis. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, in partnership with digital agency 360i and technology company Axios, want to share these life-changing toys with as many families as possible.

Through an Indigogo Generosity crowdfunding campaign, the Reeve Foundation, 360i and Axios hope to fund the production of 100 Adaptoy R/C Race Cars to distribute to selected families free of charge, and ignite an important conversation about this critical issue. The fundraising goal for this campaign is $155,000. If we exceed the goal, we will create additional toys.

Concurrently, we hope to inspire a dialog with toy and technology manufacturers to discuss producing Adaptoys on a larger scale so that all family members living with paralysis can fully participate in playtime.

Get Involved:

Beyond raising funds, we are also highlighting the importance of empowering the 5.6 million Americans living with paralysis with toys that allow them to connect more meaningfully with their loved ones. Visit to learn more about the campaign and contribute to the next wave of Adaptoys.