Ensuring disability rights remain a priority

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation works alongside congressional leaders and advocates to focus on critical initiatives like increasing federal dollars towards research, enhancing quality of life, and highlighting the importance of expanding resources for the millions living with disabilities nationwide.

By educating lawmakers about the impact of paralysis and the promise of our work, we ensure disability rights remain a priority. Our programs are designed to not only help individuals advocate for themselves, but also to advance important issues for the greater community of individuals with paralysis.

From the frontlines, we are able to influence and advance policies that result in tangible improvements and real change for individuals living with paralysis and their families.

We will continue to advocate for:

  • Public policies to ensure that individuals living with disabilities have access to the medical services, devices, and equipment that they need for healthy independent living.
  • New financing solutions for long-term services and support for individuals living with paralysis like home and community-based services in Medicaid.
  • Policies to protect the rights of parents living with paralysis, as well as programs to support the well-being of family caregivers.
  • Increased funding for research, including basic, rehabilitation and translational research, as well as studies on the effects of aging on people living with spinal cord injury.
  • Additional support for development of new treatments and therapies for spinal cord injury.
  • Increased funding, access and reimbursement of community-based health and wellness facilities that provide accessible, activity-based exercise programs for people living with paralysis.
  • Education around the impact and reach of programs through the Administration on Community Living (ACL). We strongly support ACL and partner to “ensure the interests of people with disabilities, older adults, and their families are reflected in the design and implementation of public policies.”

How you can help

Your voice makes a difference and becoming educated on the key issues impacting our community means you are armed and ready to help us advance these critical initiatives.

From tweets to texts, you can help inspire change and influence policymakers. Stay connected to the cause and aware of the most pressing issues. Join us and be a Reeve advocate.

Together, we are stronger, louder, and unstoppable.