Our goal: help more people

In order to reach more people across the country, it's critical that we be able to demonstrate that peer to peer support isn't just “nice to have,” but rather a necessary service and resource for the paralysis community.

Great work is already being done through the Peer & Family Support Program, but without new peers and documented encounters across our network, we cannot tell the full story of the program or demonstrate its impact. The ongoing mentoring taking place, both locally and nationally, provides powerful proof of the reach of the program and how we are offering life-changing support. However, our story will become even more powerful as we continue to add peers (people who are being mentored) to our ever-expanding network.

Our goal is simple: help as many peers as possible.

Go beyond your immediate network

The first and easiest way that you can help with peer recruitment is to think about the people in your everyday life. Remember that peers and encounters come in different shapes and sizes.

Peers go beyond the contacts and referrals from the Peer & Family Support Program. They can be people you are mentoring formally through an existing program. A peer may be a person you don't even think of as such because they have never asked you to mentor them. Perhaps you met them at sports practice or at community events and over time you have answered their questions and supported them as they have found their new normal. A peer could also be someone you mentored for several months or years, but who you only hear from now and again when they have a question, or want some perspective. These people are peers.

Caregivers and family members are also peers and should be encouraged to take part in the program. Our goal is serve everyone impacted by paralysis so that the entire family unit has the support and guidance they need to live happy, healthy, and full lives.

Many of you were mentors prior to joining our team and still offer support outside of the Peer & Family Support Program. That's great and keep it up! You can enter these individuals into our database as a peer, and then update new encounters as they arise.Peer information is maintained for use by PFSP only.

The more peers we add to our network, the greater opportunity we have to help others navigate and conquer the challenges ahead.

Your experiences and insight can make a meaningful difference, but we need to keep expanding our reach so that we remain steadfast in our mission. If you have any questions, please contact your program coordinator.