Becoming a peer mentor

The peer mentor training and certification process is a critical part of the Peer & Family Support Program. It allows us to complement the existing skills of our experienced peer mentor candidates, while providing additional training and support to less experienced candidates. We believe it's important to have a consistent baseline of training across the national program.

Training is a class that is attended through a virtual session. The training is a combination of presentations and break-out group discussions to encourage people to share their collective experiences.

The presentations cover the following topics:

  • Effective peer mentoring
  • Ethics
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Helpful tips and resources
  • Cultural diversity in mentoring
  • Goal-setting

Peer mentor application

For information on how to apply, please send an email indicating that you want to become a mentor to A program coordinator will respond as soon as possible.

Certification requirements

Each peer mentor candidate must complete specific requirements to be certified:

  1. Complete an application and follow-up interview
  2. Attend a virtual training and actively participate
  3. Agree to a background check by signing a consent form and a code of conduct

The Peer & Family Support Program will run checks on felonies and misdemeanors. If a person's background check is flagged, we will review the report and speak to the candidate before a decision is made on whether he/she can be certified.


After successfully completing the training and certification requirements, you will receive an ID badge and certificate. At this time, you will be considered an active peer mentor and eligible to be matched with potential peers.

To inquire about upcoming training or to discuss the application process, please contact Rebecca Sultzbaugh by email at or phone at 800-539-7309, extension 7228.

Please note: The Peer & Family Support Program does not pay or reimburse for travel and lodging for peer mentor candidates attending a training session.

Download the latest Peer & Family Support Program brochure.