Age: 52

Location: Idaho

Injury or relation: Spinal cord injury, T11 for 36 years

Hobbies/Interests: Playing Chess, competing in poker tournaments, traveling to places I’ve never been before, participating in family-related activities, learning things, boating, jet skiing, snowmobiling, target shooting, motorcycling, kayaking, horseback riding

Why did you become a peer mentor? I became a peer mentor because I know what’s it like to live in this world with a disability, and to deal with other people who have a lack of empathy and compassion. I understand what’s it like to lose yourself and to feel worthless and a burden to others. I can relate to people who are losing hope as I, myself, tried to commit suicide. I can also relate to family members and friends of people with a disability because I’ve seen my entire family and friends impacted as well because of how my life has changed since my injury.

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