Age: 61

Location: Ohio

Injury or relation: Wife and caregiver

Hobbies/Interests: travel, outdoors, reading, volunteering (United Way, Teen support group, started SCI support group "Living in the Solution" at our local hospital)

Why did you become a peer mentor? I am the wife and primary caregiver for my husband who sustained a C5-C7 spinal cord injury in a diving accident in 2011. We have lived through quite a journey since that time learning to take one day at a time, adapting to this new way of life and finding ways to live in the solution and not in the problems. I became a mentor to help others cope with and learn to live in their new situation and live life to its fullest. As a mentor, I hope to share experience, strength and hope, help my peers find resources, and support each other through daily life adjustments and trials and tribulations.

Your information

To help others with similar injuries.

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