Age: 49

Location: California

Injury or relation: C5-6 complete

Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy listening to music, going to concerts, or any kind of live music show. I love going to the Broadway Series shows that travel through California. I go to plays at one of my favorite theaters near me. I like to laugh, and go to local comedy shows, as well as seeing comics I like who come to town, and watching comedy specials. I enjoy going out to brunch or lunch with friends

Why did you become a peer mentor? I became a mentor to share my experience with others and to connect with those newly injured. I enjoy connecting with other people who may feel they need to talk with someone who may have had a similar experience or some of the same feelings they are going through now. Peer support helped when I was newly injured and talked about how I was feeling. I have a passion for connecting with others in the spinal cord community. I feel I have knowledge to help others navigate through their spinal cord injury. I am a positive upbeat person who would like to show others that there are many ways to navigate through their paralysis.

Your information

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