Getting through doors

Bob Kantner shows how a simple cabinet knob can make it easy to close the door behind you.

Adaptive cooking tips

Bob Kantner tell you how to make cooking safer and more enjoyable with ideas for making a special apron, cutting board, and a mirror that makes it easy to see what's in your pots.

Tools for transferring into a car

Bob Kantner shares tools he uses making transferring in and out of a car safer and easier.

Help with your car's trunk

Bob Kantner shows you how a simple hook you can build can make your life easier when your digging around your car's truck.

About Bob Kantner

Bob Kantner has been building things since he was a little boy including hot rods and boats as a teenager. He has been building high end houses since 1968 as a general contractor, having always had an aptitude for seeing a problem and finding an unusual solution. Bob was injured (T5 paraplegia) in 2004 after falling through the roof of his hanger. Like many with a spinal cord injury, he was active in many high risk activities. His new life required many solutions to many new problems. Bob has made adaptations to his house, car, and airplane to be able to keep working and flying.

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