Reeve Foundation resources for kids

Helping children understand paralysis, wheelchairs and disability can be a difficult task. Children learn easily from books, videos and activities such as coloring. Teens may not want to ask an adult questions, but are more likely to search out answers via the web or books.

Our Paralysis Resource Center Library has a collection over 5,000 books and videos for children and teens. This includes both fiction and nonfiction items.

There are children's books on Christopher Reeve, on the various causes of paralysis, as well as subjects that may prompt discussion on issues like caregiving or feelings when a family member is paralyzed. There are picture books where a young child is a wheelchair user that may help a child with paralysis see that he or she is not alone.

Our library also has an online interface that was made specifically for young children called KCWeb (for Kid's Catalog Web).

To access the full library, visit our online catalog. Please click on the icon that says "Type Search” so that you choose to search by author, title or keyword. For instance you may type "Christopher Reeve" in the search box and then click on “Author” and you will find all of the books written by Christopher Reeve.

Books may be borrowed for 30 days. If you do not want to search our online catalog, we also maintain an updated list of books and videos found in our library, broken down by topic and age.

If you need help with any library services, please call 1-800-539-7309 x7204 and ask to speak to the librarian or email

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