About power wheelchairs

In the market for a power wheelchair? Here's the first thing you need to know: one size does not fit all. There are lots of choices to make in order to get the right chair for you – one that maximizes your mobility and independence, meets your everyday needs and suits your lifestyle. Now, you could spend a lot of time running around to wheelchair dealers looking at what's available. But don't. Stay right here. We've made it a whole lot easier.

The power wheelchair comparison video series provides you with detailed test drives and consumer-friendly information on eight power chairs from the seven leading manufacturers. The 32-segment program leaves no stone unturned in the quest to compare and contrast these models (in the category here they all elevate the seat, tilt and recline.) Each product is viewed with special emphasis on design, controls and features.

Do you like speed? Do you plan to take the chair 'off road' a little? Is it important that your chair is made in the U.S? Do you need something that will scale a five-inch curb? Does the design of the chair matter?

Watch the series, learn about Quickie, Invacare, Ottobock, Bounder, Frontier, Permobil and Pride. Also learn about reimbursement, warranties, safety considerations, batteries and custom modifications.

The power chair series is produced by Jenni Gold, herself a power chair user, with the assistance of a crew of chair-users test-pilots who know first hand what to look for in a mobility product.

What we want

Think all power wheelchairs are the same? Think again, there are a wide variety of brands and features available to suit your specific needs.

Power wheelchair testers

Meet the wheelchair users who will put these eight power chairs to the test.

Power wheelchair manufacturers

Meet the wheelchair manufacturer representatives and see what they recommend.

Quickie S-636 Part 1

Learn about Sunrise Medical's Quickie S-636 power chair.

Quickie S-636 Part 2

Quickie S-636 Part 3

Invacare TDX SR power wheelchair Part 1

Learn about Invacare TDX SR power wheelchair.

Invacare TDX SR power wheelchair Part 2

Invacare TDX SR power wheelchair Part 3

Otto Bock B600 Part 1

Learn about Otto Bock B600 power wheelchair.

Otto Bock B600 Part 2

Otto Bock B600 Part 3

Bounder Plus H-Frame Part 1

Learn more about the Bounder Plus H-Frame power wheelchair.

Bounder Plus H-Frame Part 2

Bounder Plus H-Frame Part 3

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