Proper Wheelchair Fit

About Nurse Linda

Linda Schultz, PhD, CRRN aka "Ask Nurse Linda" has been a leader and provider of rehabilitation nursing for over 30 years, and a friend of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for close to 20. Soon after Christopher was paralyzed, Schultz worked closely with him on his recovery -- it was a special time for her, as she had the opportunity to watch him evolve into a uniquely gifted advocate for people living with paralysis. Today, Schultz is Associate Professor at the Catherine McAuley School of Nursing in St. Louis, Missouri, and she maintains her relationship with the Reeve Foundation, contributing to booklets on important topics such as DVT, sepsis, and skincare.

As the moderator in our Ask a Nurse discussion, she focuses on contributing functional advice, providing the "how-to" on integrating various healthcare improvements into daily life and answering your questions.

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