Accelerating scientific breakthroughs

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation supports a wide range of innovative research programs to speed the development of treatments that restore function and improve the health and quality of life for those living with spinal cord injury.

Since 1982, we have invested over $136 million in research labs around the world to unite the brightest minds in the field under the Reeve Foundation banner and work together to achieve our ultimate pursuit – cures for spinal cord injury.

We have seeded some of the earliest discoveries in the field and created a comprehensive framework to accelerate progress across a full spectrum of spinal cord research from basic science to clinical trials.

Decisions about our research investments are made with input from independent panels of scientific and clinical advisers and our Board of Directors. We only support research that is scientifically meritorious and highly relevant to the repair and rehabilitation of the damaged spinal cord.

Our promise

We will not stop until cures for spinal cord injury are found and made available.

Four decades after we began, our return on investment remains strong:

  • Promising research is being tested in clinical trials
  • Deeper insights about the spinal cord and its capacity for repair have resulted in innovative research pathways
  • Treatment options have expanded as technology and biology merge to enhance recovery after injury

To date, we have uncovered a number of promising therapeutic approaches that result in tangible improvements in the lives of our community members. And we will continue to uphold and advance our mission thanks to the next generation of spinal cord researchers who have been drawn to the field as a result of the discoveries and programs that the Reeve Foundation supports.

We all share the same definition of success: To make Christopher Reeve’s dream – a world of empty wheelchairs – a reality in the here-and-now.

Below is a breakdown of how we have invested our research dollars over the years to fast track breakthroughs from the lab to our community.

Total funding by program area (1982 - 2018)