A new approach to neurological training programs

The NeuroRecovery Training Institute (NeuroRTI) is on a mission to create and promote a culture of evidence-based practice within neurological clinical practice. Through transformational education efforts, with an emphasis on recovery, NeuroRTI has created a full continuum of neurologic training programs.

NeuroRTI, in partnership with the NeuroRecovery Network® (NRN), developed the Locomotor Training Course series which provides the opportunity for clinicians all over the country to be trained in the activity-based techniques used within NRN clinics and facilities.

In turn, this extends the reach of the NRN and enables more people to access cutting-edge therapies that will enhance their health and quality of life.

Founded by a coalition of academics, entrepreneurs, clinicians, and researchers, including co-directors of the NRN, NeuroRTI offers a full continuum of training programs beginning with a large nationally-scaled physical therapy neuro residency, TDPT and online Continuing Education (CE) course work focused on the treatment of spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury, and other neurologic disorders.

NeuroRTI's educational offerings feature the perfect blend of online and hands-on training that include online distance learning, onsite weekend intensives, and mentoring. Participants who successfully complete the necessary requirements will receive certifications and industry-recognized credentials. Courses are taught by world renowned physical therapy experts with extensive experience in academia, research and practice management.

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