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An idea begins with an individual and they share the idea with more individuals. Eventually it becomes a movement. - Christopher Reeve
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Christopher Reeve
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Parents: Know Your Rights

The Reeve Foundation and National Council on Disability joined forces to create a “Know Your Rights” toolkit for parents living with disabilities. From child welfare to family law, the booklet covers a wealth of issues and resources on parental rights.

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Protect Access to Wheelchairs and Components

Protect Access to Wheelchairs and Components

Complex Rehab Technology refers to the individually configured wheelchairs and components people with paralysis need for daily life. We are working to preserve and enhance access to this crucial equipment.

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Advocacy priorities

>Congressional perspectives

We have been fortunate to have the support of congressional leaders to champion the rights of our community.

>Civil Rights and ADA

Learn more about the ADA, Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, and other Reeve Foundation advocacy initiatives.

>Community, family and caregiver support

Our policies must support families and keep them together whenever possible.

>Health care coverage and rehabilitation

Understand the issues that impact health care coverage and rehabilitation.

>Wheelchairs and equipment

Learn more about competitive bidding and Complex Rehabilitation Technology, two key issues affecting our community today.

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Advocacy Achievements

Over 20 years of paralysis advocacy

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