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Tomorrow’s cure

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Our Approach to Research

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is dedicated to developing real-world treatments for people living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and paralysis. Decade by decade, the Reeve Foundation has worked to change what was deemed possible, collaborating with equally determined scientists and labs to map a path toward progress and build a vibrant research field that delivers real improvements for people living with paralysis. Today, as 21st century technology and cumulative scientific gains converge, we are on the cusp of a new era in spinal cord injury research.

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Our Partners


ONWARD, a Netherlands-based medical technology company, is already yielding results with the potential to change what is possible for people living with spinal cord injury.

International Spinal Research Trust

Our alliance with ISRT, inspired by the speed at which solutions for COVID-19 have been delivered, seeks to take a coordinated, global approach to accelerate the processes of bringing meaningful treatments to those living with SCI.


AXONIS is an emerging biotech company in Cambridge, MA whose neuron-reviving therapeutics help the central nervous system resist degeneration and reactivate spared neural tissue at the site of injury.

North American Clinical Trials Network (NACTN)

The North American Clinical Trials Network (NACTN) works to bring promising therapies out of the laboratory and into clinical trials, in a manner that provides strong evidence of effectiveness and safety.

Christopher Reeve

A Hero For Many Causes

Actor, director, and activist are just some of the words used to describe Christopher Reeve.

About Christopher Reeve Our Research History

Americans are living with paralysis.

Help us find cures for spinal cord injury (SCI).

Research Priorities

From developing gene therapies to promote axon regrowth in the injured spinal cord to using brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnology to reactivate spinal networks after injury, Reeve Foundation support has not only shaped the field, but helped create the pivotal moments that propelled it forward.

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By uniting the brightest minds in the field, we are accelerating scientific discovery throughout the field of spinal cord research across the globe.

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