For service men and women

The Reeve Foundation’s Military & Veterans Program (MVP) extends expertise in spinal cord injury and paralysis to include resources and community connections for service men and women, as well as veterans living with paralysis, whether through combat-related, service-related, or non-service-related events.

When my husband was spinal cord injured, the MVP staff assisted me in getting my husband qualified for VA services. Being able to get his equipment and specialty care is a relief.

- Linda and Dave T.

How do we move forward?

It’s a question asked by every individual living with paralysis and their caregivers. For current service members and veterans affected by mobility impairments, navigating the options and opportunities can seem overwhelming.

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation can help.

Our Military & Veterans Program is designed to support the unique needs of all military service members – regardless of when you served or how your injury was obtained.

Our dedicated information specialists are professionally trained to assist anyone, from newly paralyzed individuals and their family members, to people who have lived with an injury for some time.

Adapting to life with paralysis is easier with help. Let us assist you in navigating your changing world and the services available to you so that you can gain higher levels of health, wellbeing, and independent living.

How we can help

With a wide array of information and expertise, we can help devise a personalized plan to get you back into your community and a place of well-being.

Medical resources

  • Medical information – Hospitals, rehabilitation and equipment
  • Military benefits – Medicare, Medicaid and more
  • Civilian programs – Medical options outside military programs
  • Basic care – Personal health and care information

Quality of life resources

We're here to help you connect to the information and resources you need. Please contact us today at or 1-866-962-8387.

Download our Military & Veterans Program (MVP) brochure.

Download the chapter on Military and Veterans from our Paralysis Resource Guide.

Download Military and Veterans Benefits:
Part 1: Military status types as regards benefits
Part 2: Determining eligibility and other benefits

Further resources for veterans

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