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Quality of Life Grantees
  • Rally4Reilly & Friends
    1.1 miles away
    The Rally4Reilly Wellness Fund provides financial support to people affected by spinal cord injuries. Grants are awarded quarterly and are contingent upon available funds.
    5245 Guessman Ave, La Mesa, CA 91942
    Tel: 619-916-1834 · Fax:
    Costs and insurance, Funding, Home Modification, Durable Medical Equipment, Assistive Technology
  • The Challenge Center
    1.3 miles away
    The Challenge Center provides skilled physical therapy, specialized fitness and wellness programs to rehabilitate, raise the level of independence, and improve the quality of life for children, adults and seniors with severe disabilities, and their families and caregivers.
    5540 Lake Park Way, La Mesa, CA 91942
    Tel: (619) 667-8644 · Fax: (619) 667-8647
    Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation
  • Grossmont Hospital Foundation
    1.3 miles away
    . The Foundation carries out this mission by funding health education and patient care programs, medical technology, and capital projects.
    5555 Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942
    Tel: (619)740-4369 · Fax:
    Advocacy and Rights, Funding
  • San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation
    2.2 miles away
    The San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundations’ (SDASF) mission is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with physical disabilities through sports and recreation.
    PO Box 153792, San Diego, CA 92195
    Tel: (619) 336-9571 · Fax: (619) 336-9809
    Fitness and active living, Sports and Competition
  • Campanile Foundation
    2.9 miles away
    The mission of San Diego State University (SDSU) shall be to provide well-balanced, high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to knowledge and the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service.
    5500 Campanile Dr., San Diego, CA 92182
    Tel: 619-594-8941 · Fax: (619)594-8939
    Education and training
  • Fitness Clinic for Individuals with Disabilities
    2.9 miles away
    To provide services to individuals who cannot afford the program fueling the first year in the new facility.
    San Diego State University, San Diego, CA 92182
    Tel: (619)594.2017 · Fax: (619)594.6553
    Fitness and active living, Sports and Competition
  • Wheelchair Lacrosse USA
    2.9 miles away
    Wheelchair Lacrosse USA creates an educational and competitive environment for those seeking the sport of wheelchair lacrosse.
    4245 West Overlook Dr, San Diego, CA 92115
    Tel: (619) 807-9327 · Fax:
    Fitness and active living, Sports and Competition
  • Disabled Business persons Association
    3.4 miles away
    The Disabled Businesspersons Association (DBA) is dedicated to advancing the rehabilitation of, and assistance to, active and enterprising individuals with disabilities to maximize their potential in the workplace and society.
    6367 Alvarado Court,, Ste 350, San Diego, CA 92120
    Tel: (619)594-8805 · Fax: (619)523-0368
    Fitness and active living, Sports and Competition
  • Walden Family Services
    4.6 miles away
    The mission of Walden Family Services is to "support the lives of children and families through lasting relationships."
    6150 Mission Gorge Rd. Suite 210, San Diego, CA 92120
    Tel: (619) 584-5777 · Fax:
    For Kids, Programs
  • Able-Disabled Advocacy, Inc.
    4.7 miles away
    Able-Disabled Advocacy®s (A-DA) mission is "to provide education and training for youth and adults with multiple disabilities to assist them advance their education, find employment and overcome barriers to personal and financial self-sufficiency".
    4283 El Cajon Blvd., Suite 110, San Diego, CA 92105
    Tel: (619)231-5990 · Fax: (619)231-2380
    Assistive technology, Tools and Tech
  • Wheelchair Dancers Organization
    5.4 miles away
    4584 Calle De Vida, San Diego, CA 92124
    Tel: 858-573-1571 · Fax:
    , Recreation, Adaptive Dance, Sport
  • Southern Caregiver Resource Center
    6.3 miles away
    The mission of SCRC is to help families and communities master the challenges of caring for adults with chronic and disabling conditions.
    3675 Ruffin Rd, Suite 230, San Diego, CA 92123
    Tel: 858-268-4432 · Fax: (858) 268-7816
    Independent Living, Education, Employment, Peer support, Information and Referral, Case Management, Respite Care, Counseling
  • S O A Ring Foundation
    6.5 miles away
    The S.O.A.R.ing Foundation's Mission is to assist individuals who have physical disabilities in areas such as: home access/modification, everyday living accessories, and overall general support.
    3940 Idaho St. , #4, San Diego, CA 92104
    Tel: (619) 944-7484 · Fax:
    Accessibility and home modification, Home Modification
  • Access to Independence (Mission Valley branch)
    6.7 miles away
    Access to Independence is an independent living center for people with disabilities.
    8885 Rio San Diego Dr, Suite 131, San Diego, CA 92108
    Tel: (619) 293-3500 · Fax: (619) 293-3508
    Independent Living, Vocational Rehab
  • San Diego Parks and Recreation Therapeutic Recreation Services
    7.5 miles away
    he City of San Diego Park & Recreation Therapeutic Recreation Services program provides sports, recreation, leisure and outreach services to people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities. Services include therapeutic recreation programs and adaptive sports opportunities. These address the special needs of individuals with disabilities who have difficulty accessing and participating in recreation opportunities offered to the general public. Under the direction of Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, activities and services are designed to maintain or improve the physical, cognitive and social functioning of those who have limitations. The target population is children and adults, ages 3 and up, with any type of disability.
    3325 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
    Tel: 619-525-8247 · Fax:
    Fitness and active living, Recreation
  • Sharp Healthcare Foundation
    7.9 miles away
    It is the goal of Sharp to offer high-quality care and services that set community standards, exceed patient expectations, and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.
    8695 Spectrum Center Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123
    Tel: (858) 499-4800 · Fax: (858) 499-4546
    Support, Rehabilitation
  • Sharp Allison deRose Rehabilitation Center
    8.0 miles away
    A CARF accredited inpatient acute and outpatient rehabilitation center which offers support groups.
    2999 Health Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92123
    Tel: 858-939-3097 · Fax:
    Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation
  • Sharp Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services
    8.0 miles away
    Sharp Rehabilitation Services offers comprehensive inpatient treatment for patients with spinal cord injuries.
    2999 Health Center Dr, San Diego, CA 92123
    Tel: (858) 939-3058 · Fax:
    Rehabilitation, CARF
  • San Diego City School's Spec. Ed. Physical Health Disabilities Program
    8.5 miles away
    It is the mission of the Special Education Programs Division to provide leadership and support to families and the educational community in improving the achievement of students with physical disabilities.
    4100 Normal St, Annex 2, San Diego, CA 92103
    Tel: (619) 725-8000 · Fax: (619) 725-7090
    For Kids
  • Bankers Hill Club
    8.5 miles away
    Bankers Hill Club offers people living with disabilities various programs such as vocational rehabilitation, employment opportunities, in home assistance, mobility solutions and health education.
    3030 Front St, San Diego, CA 92103
    Tel: 619-574-9151 · Fax:
    Independent Living, Peer support, Health &Wellness, Career Development
  • Challenged Sailors San Diego
    10.4 miles away
    Challenged Sailors San Diego provides therapeutic and recreational adaptive sailing opportunities for people with disabilities to enhance their dignity, well being, and independence
    955 Harbor Island Dr, San Diego, CA 92101
    Tel: 760-690-6594 · Fax:
    Fitness and active living, Recreation, Adaptive Sailing Program
  • Stephen J. Wampler Foundation
    10.7 miles away
    Camp WAMP will be one of the leading sponsors of wilderness enrichment camping programs for children and young adults with physical disabilities on a national level.
    941 Orange Ave, Suite 440, Coronado, CA 92118
    Tel: (800) 381-6891 · Fax:
    For Kids, Camps
  • Kids Included Together, Inc.
    11.3 miles away
    The mission of Kids Included Together is to support recreational, child development, and youth development programs that include children with and without disabilities. KIT's goals are to enrich the lives of all who participate and to increase understanding and acceptance of disabilities as a natural part of life.
    2820 Roosevelt Road,, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92106
    Tel: (858) 225-5680 · Fax: (619) 758-0949
    For Kids, Recreation
  • Vip Neurorehibilitation Center
    11.7 miles away
    NeuroRehabilitative brings care to disabled military veterans, children, and the underserved, focusing on those who have difficulty moving secondary to Stroke, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis and multiple traumas.
    7340 Trade St, Suite F, San Diego, CA 92121
    Tel: (858) 689-9643 · Fax: (858) 689-9643
    Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation
  • Paws'itive Teams, Inc.
    11.7 miles away
    The mission of Paws'itive Teams is to train service dogs to assist mobility-limited persons with activities of daily living, thus helping them to achieve greater independence.
    7031 Carroll Rd, San Diego, CA 92121
    Tel: (858) 558-7297 · Fax:
    Support, Service Animals
  • Challenged Athletes Foundation
    13.1 miles away
    The mission of Challenged Athletes Foundation is to provide opportunities to people with physical disabilities so they can pursue an active lifestyle through physical fitness and recreational and competitive athletics.
    9591 Waples St,  , San Diego, CA 92121
    Tel: 858-866-0959 · Fax: (858) 875-0211
    , Military, Adaptive Sports, Camp, Grants, Community Education
  • VA San Diego Healthcare System
    14.2 miles away
    The Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Center provides care to Veterans and active duty personnel with Spinal Cord Injuries and Disorders (SCI/D) in San Diego and Imperial Counties, Arizona, and Southern Nevada.
    3350 La Jolla Village Dr, San Diego, CA 92161
    Tel: (858) 642-3117 · Fax:
    Rehabilitation, CARF
  • Cal-Diego Paralyzed Veterans Association
    14.2 miles away
    To improve the quality of life of United States military veterans and others who have spinal cord dysfunction through the use of education, advocacy, research, communication, sports, and recreation.
    3350 La Jolla Village Dr., Suite 1A-118, San Diego, CA 92161
    Tel: (858)450-1443 · Fax: (858)450-1852
    Costs and insurance, Veterans Benefits
  • Mojalet Dance Collective
    18.2 miles away
    Dance, as an age-old communal art form, is a reflection of who we are and what we feel, how we interact, problem solve, worship, and celebrate all things that make us human.
    The Bernardo Winery, Ste. 513330 Paseo Del Verano North, San Diego, CA 92128
    Tel: (858)243-1402 · Fax: (760)304-1290
    Lifestyle, Arts and Creativity
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center
    20.3 miles away
    Helen Woodward Animal Center benefits the community by providing educational and therapeutic programs for people, and humane care and adoption for animals.
    6461 El Apajo Rd, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067
    Tel: (858) 756 -4117 · Fax: (858) 756-1466
    Independent Living, Counseling and Mentoring and Support
  • Awakenings Health Institute
    21.1 miles away
    Awakenings Health Institute is a post-acute rehabilitation center to treat neurological disorders. It was created to bridge the gap for clients who have been discharged from their acute care but are still in need of further assistance to either continue their rehabilitation, meet their competitive goals, or maintain their level of function. We provide state of the art equipment, specialized training, and therapies that focus on maintaining and improving the health of those suffering with neurological disorders. The vision was to establish a place that would provide a holistic exercise-based post-acute rehabilitation program, which is intended to increase overall function, independence, and improve the quality of life for our clients. In addition, we help prepare our clients to become contributing members of society by providing an avenue to progress from our program into a career environment.
    9500 Gilman Dr., UC San Diego, LaJolla, CA 92013
    Tel: 858-794-9952 · Fax:
    Independent Living, Programs
  • Access to Independence (North County branch)
    23.7 miles away
    Access to Independence North County branch is an independent living center in Escondido CA.
    1440 S Escondido Blvd, Escondido, CA 92025
    Tel: 619-293-3500 · Fax:
    Independent Living
  • Freedom to Live
    24.7 miles away
    FTL®s mission is to provide affordable housing, expert consulting, planning and coordination of necessary services to ensure a successful pathway from hospital to home for spinal cord injury and other catastrophically disabled individuals with or without family support.
    568 Cypress Hill Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024
    Tel: (760) 445-9509 · Fax:
    Accessibility and home modification, Home Modification
  • QUAD Foundation, Inc.
    26.2 miles away
    The Quad Foundation is committed to assist and support survivors of spinal cord injury resulting in quadriplegic paralysis. The foundation actively works to improve their quality of life through resource assistance, education, rehabilitation and research. We also strive to provide a support center for survivors and families.
    306-N West El Norte Parkway, Suite 441, Escondido, CA 92026
    Tel: (858) 663-1360 · Fax: (760) 451-1239
    Causes of paralysis, Spinal Cord Injury
  • TERI, Inc. (Training, Education & Research Institute)
    36.2 miles away
    TERI believes every individual with developmental and learning disabilities has the right to lead a valued, meaningful, and fulfilling life of uncompromised quality in their community.
    251 Airport Rd, Oceanside, CA 92058
    Tel: (760) 721-1706 · Fax: (760) 721-9872
    For Kids, Arts and Creativity
  • Ivey Ranch Park Association
    36.2 miles away
    Ivey Ranch Park Association (IRPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping encourage the interaction of children with and without special needs by providing educational and recreational activities with an emphasis on programs for those with special needs.
    110 Rancho del Oro Drive, Oceanside, CA 92057
    Tel: (760)722-4839 · Fax: (760)722-6598
    Fitness and active living, Therapeutic Riding
  • Riding Emphasizing Individual Needs And Strengths
    39.4 miles away
    The mission of REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship Program is to provide physical, mental, and emotional therapy to a wide range of disabled children and adults through the use of carefully supervised horseback riding.
    4461 South Mission Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028
    Tel: (760)731-9168 · Fax: (760)731-3949
    Lifestyle, Therapeutic Riding
  • Semper Fi Fund
    43.3 miles away
    Assistance is provided to injured and critically ill service members through an array of programs which include: family support, transportation, transition assistance, specialized equipment, housing, medical support, therapeutic arts, and athletics.
    Santa Margarita Road, Camp Pendleton, CA 92055
    Tel: 760-725-3680 · Fax: (760)725-3685
    Military, Insurance and Medicare and Medicaid, Military
  • Round-Up Hope, Inc.
    52.3 miles away
    . As a NARHA Premier Riding Center, Round-Up H.O.P.E.®s mission is dedicated to improving the lives of children, adolescents and adults with a wide range of physical, cognitive and/or emotional disabilities as well as the underprivileged.
    35105 Calle La Coca, Temecula, CA 92592
    Tel: (951)757-3424 · Fax: (951) 694-6335
    Fitness and active living, Therapeutic Riding
  • Canine Support Teams, Inc.
    61.2 miles away
    Canine Support Teams, Inc. provides assistance dogs to persons with disabilities other than blindness, to enrich their independence, at no cost to the recipient.
    26500 Scott Rd., Menifee, CA 92584
    Tel: (951) 301-3625 · Fax: (951) 301-3605
    Support, Service Animals
  • J. F. Shea Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.
    63.8 miles away
    The J. F. Shea Center is dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through horse-related programs.
    26284 Oso Road, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
    Tel: (949) 240-8441 · Fax: (949) 240-3447
    Fitness and active living, Therapeutic Riding
  • Young Life High Rollers
    64.2 miles away
    High Rollers is a place where students with disabilities get the chance to have fun, make friends, develop self-esteem, and learn about a God that loves them. Our goal is to assure that teens with disabilities "Live Life to the Fullest"
    13 Pemberton Pl, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
    Tel: (310) 487-4252 · Fax: (719) 381-1740
    For Caregivers, Counseling and Mentoring and Support
  • Saddleback College Foundation
    65.6 miles away
    Saddleback College's Adapted Kinesiology Program enriches the community by providing personalized fitness instruction and access to specialized equipment for adult students with disabilities.
    28000 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692
    Tel: (949) 582-4500 · Fax:
    Education and training
  • Therapy for Handicapable Equestrians - T.H.E. Center
    66.3 miles away
    T.H.E. Center Incorporated Therapy for Handicapable Equestrians stands dedicated to improving the cognitive, physical and psychological abilities of disabled children and adults through our disabled and community based programs.
    27260 Girard St, Hemet, CA 92544
    Tel: (951) 658-7790 · Fax: (951) 765-6001
    Fitness and active living, Therapeutic Riding
  • Center Therapy For Handi-Capable Equestrians
    67.8 miles away
    Therapy for Handi-capable Equestrians stands decicated to improving thr cognitive, physical and psychological abilities of disabled children and adults through our therapeutic horseback riding instruction and community based programs.
    P.O. Box 5337, Hemet, CA 92544
    Tel: (951) 658-7790 · Fax: (951) 765-60001
    Fitness and active living, Therapeutic Riding
  • City of Mission Viejo
    68.1 miles away
    The city of Mission Viejo is dedicated to creating a safe, fulfilling and unique environment that will preserve and enhance the quality of our lives and the lives of our children.
    200 Civic Center, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
    Tel: (949)470-3000 · Fax: (949)583-0680
    Assistive technology, Tools and Tech
  • Seed Business Network
    69.3 miles away
    Seed Business Network’s mission is to assist the disabled and others who are economically disadvantaged in developing successful business and life skills.
    P.O. Box 9637, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
    Tel: (949) 413-1555 · Fax: (949) 499-0693
    Advocacy and Rights, Employment and Benefits
  • Free Wheelchair Mission
    73.6 miles away
    Providing the transforming gift of mobility to people with a disability living in developing nations as motivated by Jesus Christ.
    15279 Alton Pkwy, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92618
    Tel: 949-273-8470 · Fax:
    Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Seating and Positioning
  • A C T For Multiple Sclerosis
    76.2 miles away
    Our mission is to provide assistance for Coachella Valley residents living with Multiple Sclerosis.
    73710 Fred Waring Dr, #118, Palm Desert, CA 92260
    Tel: (760) 773-9806 · Fax: (760) 406-6137
    Causes of paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis
  • United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County, Inc.
    77.0 miles away
    The United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County helps children with developmental disabilities achieve their full potential, improve the quality of life for their families, and foster an attitude of acceptance and inclusion.
    980 Roosevelt, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92620
    Tel: (949) 333-6400 · Fax: (949) 333-6440
    , Cerebral Palsy
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