>For veterans

Vital finance and insurance information for army veterans.

>Costs of living with SCI

The costs of living with spinal cord injury depend on age and the severity of injury.

>Work and benefits

Programs that help people living with disabilities enter the workforce.

>Financial planning

Resources to map out your finances and future following a traumatic injury.

>Overview of insurance options

Understand the costs, eligibility, and coverage for Medicare and Medicaid.

>Social Security benefits

Social Security programs that support people with disabilities: SSDI and SSI.

>Affordable Care Act

2013 marked a milestone in the ACA with the Health Insurance Marketplace.

>Webinar: Introduction to Medicare

For individuals living with paralysis.

>Webcast: Health Insurance Marketplaces

Review of Health Insurance Marketplaces.

>Webcast: Navigating insurance appeals

Tips for a successful appeal and more.