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Spinal cord glossary >Spinal cord glossary

Common terms associated with spinal cord injury and other conditions.

Sexual health >Sexual health

Answers to the big questions you may have around sexual function and fertility.

Staying active >Staying active

Discover sport and recreation activities for all levels of injury.

Depression >Depression

Depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Nutrition >Nutrition

Obesity is a risk for people with SCI as it can be harder to burn calories.

How the spinal cord works >How the spinal cord works

The spinal cord works with the brain to control functions of the body and mind.

Winter safety tips >Winter safety tips

Helpful tips like what clothing to wear and the right snow tires for your wheelchair.

Video Series: Parenting with a Disability >Video Series: Parenting with a Disability

Reeve Health Minute focusing on parenting with a disability.

Need to understand a piece of medical terminology?

Our spinal cord glossary is a great reference guide.

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Paralysis Resource Guide >Paralysis Resource Guide

Our free guide is an essential tool for everyone living with paralysis.

Wallet cards >Wallet cards

Get handy wallet cards with vital information that could save your life. Available for both adults and kids.

Fact sheets A-Z >Fact sheets A-Z

We have over 100 fact sheets for you to download and keep.

Patient education booklets >Patient education booklets

On many secondary conditions that can occur as a result of paralysis

Over 210,000 copies of the Paralysis Resource Guide have been distributed