>Picking the right wheelchair

Selecting the right chair can be confusing. You need to consider style, performance and other features.

>Video series: Manual wheelchair comparisons

There are many options to consider to find the right chair for you.

>Webcast: Wheelchair selection

Helpful tips to consider when reviewing your options for wheelchairs.

>Webcast: Proper wheelchair fit

Nurse Linda discusses how to ensure a comfortable fit for your wheelchair.

>Webcast: Seating and mobility

Candace Cable shares insights on how to be comfortable on the go.

>Video series: The art of wheeling

Useful tips for a full-time wheeler.

>Webcast: Rick Hayden on manual wheelchairs

Expert guidance on manual wheelchairs.

>Options for power wheelchairs

A power wheelchair can provide safe, timely and independent mobility for an individual.

>​What to Expect During a Seating Clinic Evaluation

The goal of this evaluation is to use a full team approach when selecting the mobility equipment that best meets your needs.