Interns are important to us

At the Reeve Foundation, we believe in the power of “we” which includes recruiting top-notch interns to move our mission forward.

We rely on our interns to offer new perspectives on how to further build the Reeve Foundation brand, connect with community members, and strengthen the outreach of our programs.

You bring new energy and a keen understanding of how to target the next generation of Reeve Foundation supporters. And no, we do not expect you to get coffee but ask that you show up with a positive attitude and be prepared to share new ideas.

In many cases, our interns keep coming back to the Reeve Foundation as volunteers or even full-time employees eager to make a real difference through their work.

The Reeve Foundation recruits for all semesters including summer and that applications are accepted beginning in July for fall, November for spring and April for summer semesters.

Please fill out the following information in order to be considered for an internship.