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An Interview With Christopher Reeve

This video interview with Christopher Reeve was recorded on May 27, 2001, six years after his accident.

This video is an excerpt from the bonus material on the documentary Hope in Motion – a behind the scenes look into the emotional and physical fight by Christopher Reeve to keep hope alive in his quest to find a cure for paralysis.

How Do You Feel About Your Life And Your Injuries?

What Has Been The Most Difficult Thing To Cope With?

What Do You Miss Most In Everyday Life?

What Is Your Current Medical Condition?

What Needs To Be Done Before You Can Walk Again?

How Much Independence Do You Have?

How Do You Stay Motivated?

How Has The Accident Impacted Your Family?

How Is Your Relationship With Your Wife?

How Do You Feel About The Criticism Against You?

Have You Noticed a Difference In The Way People Treat You?

About Christopher Reeve: Hope in Motion

With Hope in Motion, Christopher Reeve’s son, Matthew, created a poignant and sincere portrait of the man known to the world as Superman, as he relentlessly fought to overcome paralysis after a horse-back riding accident in 1995.

Filmed over a two year period of time, Hope in Motion is comprised of two documentaries, Hope in Motion and Choosing Hope, which take viewers into Christopher and Dana Reeve’s personal family life as Christopher fights to regain mobility and becomes the voice for others with spinal cord injuries who are fighting the same battle.

Featuring candid interviews with Christopher and his doctors, and footage of his rehabilitation sessions, Hope In Motion and Choosing Hope detail almost every aspect of Christopher and Dana’s family life, including Christopher’s regular visits to a medical center, and the hope of a recovery beginning with the movement of a single finger.

As Christopher fought to be able to one day walk again, he also became the champion and voice for those in the paralysis community and other disabilities – publicly and passionately campaigning for stem cell research funding. These thought-provoking documentaries reveal Christopher’s hope, strength and passion to help himself and others throughout his rehabilitative process.

What emerges through this film is a portrait of an intelligent, determined, candid and outspoken man who was able to maintain his sense of humor in the face of adversity. His inspiring personality will shine through as viewers follow his unpredictable and emotional journey.