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The NeuroRecovery Network (NRN)

The NeuroRecovery Network (NRN), founded in 2004, is a network of rehabilitation centers charged with developing and providing therapies that promote functional recovery and improve the health of people living with paralysis. Its mission – to develop and expand access to activity-based therapies based on current scientific evidence – is being led by cutting-edge clinical rehabilitation centers and Community Fitness and Wellness Facilities (CFWs) that make up two branches of care for people living with spinal cord injury and other physical disabilities. 

Participants in the NRN become part of a network-wide database that documents comprehensive medical information about the progress of each patient. And in addition to improving access to innovative therapies, another NRN hallmark is the rigorous training provided to clinicians, therapists, and trainers to standardize how treatments for paralysis are being deployed and administered. 

While results vary from one NRN participant to another, a range of functional and health improvements have been well-documented. Changes may include enhanced cardiovascular and pulmonary function, improved blood flow to arms and legs, as well as increased bone density. In addition, improvements in trunk control, stepping, endurance and balance have been reported, which may lead to a better ability to perform daily activities and reduce dependence on caregivers. 

NRN Clinical Centers and CFWs include:  

Craig Hospital (Englewood, CO) 

Frazier Rehab Institute (Louisville, KY) 

Kessler Medical Rehabilitation Research and Education Center, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation (West Orange, NJ) 

Magee Rehabilitation Hospital (Philadelphia, PA) 

Ohio State University Medical Center (Columbus, OH) 

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute  (Minneapolis, MN) 

Frazier Rehab Institute Community Fitness and Wellness Facility (Louisville, KY) 

Journey Forward (Canton, MA) 

Neurokinex * (United Kingdom) 

NextSteps Chicago (Willow Springs, IL) 

NextStep (Lawndale, CA) 

NextStep Kansas City

NextStep Orlando

NextStep Las Vegas 

NextStep Atlanta 

NeuroHope (Indianapolis, IN) 

Pediatric Centers:

Frazier Rehab Institute, Pediatric Rehabilitation (Louisville, KY)  

Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (Pittsburgh, PA)  

St. Mary’s Hospital for Children (Bayside, NY) 

* NRN Affiliates are community fitness and wellness facilities offering some, but not all, of the NRN’s standardized, activity-based interventions. Affiliates are held to the same rigorous levels of training and protocol deployment as full members. 

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