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Successful drug and device development will require business commitment and regulatory expertise. Through new Industry Collaborations, the Reeve Foundation seeks to speed progress and encourage investment in spinal cord injury research by better understanding and addressing the barriers and challenges that limit ambitious engagement. Our goal is to identify solutions that help decrease risk and expand industry support and resource allocation.  

Outcomes of our industry collaborations may take shape as potential new therapies, or repurposing and repositioning existing therapeutics – either in the clinical trial stage or as a new SCI indication for an already approved product. This process of discovering and developing previously approved therapeutics for new indications is one approach toward de-risking the field as it decreases the substantial costs and slow pace that are inherent to research and development. 

Reeve Foundation convenings link critical communities, including academics, scientists, industry members, and individuals and families impacted by spinal cord injury. Topics range from research-specific challenges blocking progress to showcases of companies on the cusp of clinical trials. By bringing everyone under one roof, the Reeve Foundation seeks to help generate new partnerships to increase innovation.   

The newly launched Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Scientific Advisory Board – comprised of senior and junior investigators from across the globe and in numerous scientific sectors – serves as a sounding board for the Foundation, offering innovative ideas and honest feedback as we search for the most promising research and development opportunities that will provide the greatest impact for community members.   


Novel partnerships between patient-focused groups and industry can more effectively propel innovation. Their success lies in creating collaborative frameworks designed to overcome traditional hurdles and accelerate the pace of progress.

Maggie Goldberg

President and CEO, Reeve Foundation

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