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Expanded Impact Grants

This grants program is designed for previously awarded Quality of Life grantees whose programs and/or projects have achieved demonstrable, successful impact. The Expanded Impact Quality of Life grants program will award approximately four (4) grants of up to $100,000 each and will support significant expansion of strategies and programs that are evidence-based, show innovate promising practices, and/or best practices in the field they serve to improve quality of life for people with paralysis, their families, and caregivers.

Who Can Apply?

  • Previous grantee organizations that are:
    • In good standing with the Reeve Foundation, defined as having successfully closed out their past grant award including:
    • Timely submitted a final report indicating program success.
  • Fully expended all grant funds as related to the awarded grant budget.
  • Nonprofit organizations, municipal and state governments, school districts, recognized tribal entities, and other institutions such as community or veterans hospitals.
  • Based in the United States and the previous funded project was based in the U.S
  • Previous grantee organizations whose projects:
    • Have been implemented successfully.
    • Have achieved demonstrable, successful impact.
    • Are in position to be expanded, replicated on a larger scale, and/or taken to full scale.

What are Expanded Impact Grants?

  • Expanded Impact grants are previously awarded Quality of Life programs and/or projects supported by evidence that demonstrate a statistically, measurable, significant effect or impact on improving the quality of life outcomes for people living with paralysis, their families, and caretakers.
  • Expanded Impact grants are expected to scale programs and/or projects that have prior evidence of effectiveness and positive results, in order to improve outcomes for people living with paralysis, their families, and caregivers.
  • Expanded Impact grants extend services and access and the expansion of effective solutions to serve substantially larger numbers of people with paralysis, their families, and caregivers.
  • Expanded Impact grants will have sizeable and significant impact.

Prior grantees are encouraged to replicate and implement their programs and/or projects in new and additional settings, including at a larger local or national level.

Prior grantees are also encouraged to request funding for programs and projects that would require the full $100,000 to expand their previously funded grant award.

All projects must be completed within 24 months and all grant funds must be expended within 24 months of receiving the award.

All former grantees that fit the criteria as noted above, as well as meet the Eligibility Criteria in the Expanded Impact Quality of Life Grant Application and Program Guidelines, may apply for this grant opportunity. However, please note that in order to apply, you must wait one-year from the close of your last year grant project before applying. If you are not sure of your closing date, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Current grantees may not apply at this time.

The Foundation is no longer able to provide individual pre-award assistance either by telephone or email. However, we welcome you to submit questions about the application process to [email protected] All questions submitted via email will be collected, aggregated, and answered in a Questions and Answers document posted on our website.

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