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Outdoors for Everyone

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s ‘Outdoors for Everyone’ initiative was created to ensure that the great outdoors is equally accessible and inclusive for all people–including those living with paralysis, their families, and caregivers.

While the beauty of nature is a universal right, the great outdoors and accessibility are oftentimes in conflict. Navigating the outdoors and water environments presents unique challenges for the nearly 5.4 million people living with paralysis in the U.S. From unpaved paths, eroding trails, sandy terrains and a lack of necessary equipment and resources deter people with disabilities from fully enjoying outdoor experiences. Our goal is to change that.

Piloted in 2023, ‘Outdoors for Everyone’ provided the community and outdoor organizations with the knowledge, solutions, and resources to ensure the great outdoors is accessible for all.

This summer, the Foundation is committed to breaking down barriers and fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals living with or impacted by paralysis can enjoy various bodies of water and water-based activities. By educating the community and the public on various water accessibility tips, and collaborating with other organizations to ensure inclusivity, we aim to ensure everyone can join in on the fun this summer and beyond.

Together, we can make the outdoors for everyone.

Reeve Foundation Expands ‘Outdoors for Everyone’ Initiative to Address Water Accessibility

As Summer begins, ‘Outdoors for Everyone’ provides water accessibility resources for those living with paralysis and other disabilities.

Water Accessibility Checklist

This checklist includes recommendations and tips tailored to beaches, pools, and other water organizations, ensuring that people living with disabilities can fully enjoy these spaces.

Thank You to Our Partners

The Reeve Foundation is partnering with the National Parks Service and other outdoor organizations to share resources, tools, and guiding factors surrounding real-life challenges wheelchair users face in nature and ways to solve these issues. Our partners can also be found on Reeve Foundation’s Resource Map.

Where Wheels Meet the Ground

The Reeve Foundation’s Content Specialist, Hannah Soyer, authored the following about her outdoor experiences.

Accessible Outdoor Checklist

The outdoors is for everyone. But how do outdoor organizations and parks ensure they are providing both inclusive and accessible pathways, trails, and more?

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