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Photo by Matt Hagen
Photo by Matt Hagen

The current landscape of SCI clinical research is limited, with few unique clinical trials and a low likelihood of becoming widely available therapeutics. A comprehensive infrastructure to support expanded clinical trials is the first step toward expanding the continuum of spinal cord injury research and providing new opportunities for engaged investors. 

To help create this infrastructure, the Reeve Foundation is channeling resources into a robust clinical pipeline designed to rapidly increase the number of treatments moving from bench to bedside. We support innovative science that prioritizes high-risk, high-reward early clinical trials, and we define “robust” as helping create a research environment that makes studies more diverse, smarter and greater in terms of sheer volume.  

Such innovative science includes trials investigating brain-spinal interfaces that may restore function after paralysis, and new approaches to addressing bladder dysfunction.

Creating a strong clinical trial pipeline will simultaneously support another key Foundation goal: increasing investment opportunities for grant-awarding institutions and new venture philanthropy funds to activate an investment market to cure paralysis.  

Capitalizing on recent scientific and technology breakthroughs, the Reeve Foundation is currently exploring the creation of an independent, collaborative fund that will be uniquely positioned to spark innovation and high-level investment in scalable, evidence-based, cure-oriented therapies for SCI. Once established, 100% of every dollar will be invested in cure-focused opportunities, with all returns reinvested back into the fund to support the next generation of therapies.  


There are approximately 100 unique clinical trials in SCI currently, and in the field of central nervous system science, just 9% of studies stand a chance of achieving regulatory approval. Improving these odds, and finally moving the needle necessitates that we have more trials, and that those trials be more diverse and designed smarter.

Marco Baptista, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, Reeve Foundation

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