Age: 28

Location: Maryland, Mississippi

Injury or relation: Spinal cord injury, C4 for 9 years

Hobbies/Interests: Creative writing, journaling, reading, watching sports, and still developing more.

Why did you become a peer mentor? I became a peer mentor because of the lives I was impacting with my story. It became a teaching moment to those who have spinal cord injury, unaware of spinal cord injury, or needed some inspiration. I became a mentor because I'm able to express myself, which is therapeutic. I realize that there are more people with spinal cord injury out there that don't have support, and someone to talk to who are just like them. Peer mentorship gives me the opportunity to be encouraging and provide hope through my experiences as they share with me theirs. I am able to be somewhat of a companion and advocate for those living with spinal cord injury. Hopefully, my mentorship can invigorate, inspire, and galvanize people to continue persevering.

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