Michael H.

Age: 44

Location: California

Injury or relation: Spinal Cord Injury, C6, C7 for 11 years

Hobbies/Interests: Sports, travel, outdoors, pets/animals, music, movies, cooking/baking, technology

Why did you become a peer mentor? Dealing with a spinal cord injury isn’t easy; it puts your mind and body through a test. Trying to figure things out for yourself isn’t impossible, but why do it alone? That’s exactly what I did in the beginning. Once I began to talk to my peers, I realized that I could live a productive life with a spinal cord injury. I decided that I wanted to make a difference for the next person. I wanted to be there for those who needed to talk about the difficulties of living with a spinal cord injury. I also wanted to assist by providing resources. I love helping people overcome the obstacles they’ve encountered while dealing with an injury.

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